Kem Proof 80 - Integral Powder Waterproofing Compound buy Construction Chemicals

Kem Proof 80 - Integral Powder Waterproofing Compound

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KEM PROOF 80 is a waterproofing compound for cement, concrete and mortars. It is a special blend of water repellant and other chemicals used in admixtures. It protects against freeze - thaw effect and helps to improve the final strength of both concrete and mortar.

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Product Features: Forms an internal barrier against water penetration, Reduces water absorption up to 60%, Reduces capillary action, Causes reduction in water content, Increases workability of concrete and mortar, Non-toxic, Does not corrode reinforcements, Increases cohesiveness and hence reduces permeability

Additional Information

Brand Chembond
Pack Size 1 Kg
Other Details AREAS OF APPLICATION: In pre-cast concrete, cement- rendering. Brick laying mortar. Overhead and underground swimming pools. Plaster work. Cement block rendering mortar. In slab concrete.