Kem Repel 78 - Silicon Water Repellent buy Construction Chemicals

Kem Repel 78 - Silicon Water Repellent

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Kem Repel 78 - Silicon Water Repellent for External Surface Sealer

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KEM REPEL 78 is a ready to use all purpose colorless Silicon water repellent.Easily penetrates all masonry structures. Offers resistance to high alkalinity. Has strong water repellent characteristics. Dries under normal atmospheric conditions. Acts as a damp proof course when injected. Bridges hairline cracks up to 0.3mm width. Ready to use.

Additional Information

Brand Chembond
Pack Size 1 Ltr
Other Details Can be applied to Exterior surfaces of concrete, stone and masonry, Mangalore, ceramic, decorative and roof tiles , Mineral paints, Corrugated AC sheets.