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Chain Spray | PROTOCHEM CL 402

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PROTOCHEM CL 402 is a synthetic transparent lubricant for inside and outside surface of highly stressed components, chains and all kinds of wire ropes. It is resistant to the temperature from -400C to 2000C and has exceptional adhering, compression resistance, creeping and water repellent properties. It prevents elongation, friction, wear and act as noise muffing agent.

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INTENDED USE: It is a unique spray especially used for various type of chain lubrication in automobile and industrial equipment. It is used for long lasting lubrication of chains, wire ropes of all kinds, toothed wheels, worm gears, fast moving engine parts, joint & clutches, rollers, ball bearings, spring assemblies. It can be also used as a lubricant for automobile equipment like driving chain, mechanical hoist chain, etc.

Additional Information

Brand Protochem
Pack Size 400 ml
Other Details APPLICATION: Shake the content well before use. Surface to be applied must be clean, dry, and free of all dirt, dust, grease, oil, and wax. Spray the Chain Spray evenly to all parts of components.