Polymer Modified Concrete Repair Mortar (25Kg)

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  • KEM Mortar MT is recommended for
    structural repair of damaged concrete for
    beams and columns in inland and marine
    environments, and as a general-purpose repair
    mortar for concrete floors and highly
    trafficked areas.
  • It is highly recommended for vertical as well as
    overhead applications.
  • It is suitable for structures in highly humid
    atmosphere such as marine & offshore

Additional Information

Brand: Chembond

Pack Size: 25 Kg

Other Details:

Constant Quality: Factory controlled prepacked material eliminates site batching variations.
Easy to Use: Easily trowel-applied, workability retained for 30 to 50 minutes.
Durability: Low water-cement ratio, low porosity. Good resistance to carbonation and chloride penetration.
Adhesion: Excellent to sound concrete substrates and steel.

Iron Free: No metallic iron to cause staining deterioration to rust expansion.
Chloride Free: Good strength development without the use of chlorides.
Non-Shrink: Shrinkage compensated.
Fibre Reinforced: Minimizes plastic shrinkage.


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