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Kem Cure Aid 10W

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KEM CURE AID 10W is a curing compound used in concrete construction in order to avoid fast drying of the surface, which is exposed to atmospheric conditions. It is used for curing slabs, walls, canals, dry lean concrete pavements, bridge decks, all kinds of pre-cast concrete elements, etc.

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KEM CURE AID 10W is a white-pigmented synthetic wax emulsion. On application, it gives a thin surface finish which delays the concrete drying during the curing process and avoids the formation of early shrinkage cracks. When using KEM CURE AID 10W, it becomes unnecessary to spray water on the concrete surface or protect the surface with wet burlap mats and plastic foils. The consumption of KEM CURE AID 10W is approximately 150 - 250 g per square meter depending on the porosity of the substrate, spreading technique, and the climate conditions.

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